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Operation Manatee #356

It’s another Tuesday night – look at us go; two in a row!

It’s almost the perfect time of year – the sun is still staying out later and later. It’s getting warmer and warmer too. Plants are beginning to green but there’s no annoying sap or elm fluff everywhere. If we were really being picky, we’d ask for a little more warmth and a little less gas prices.

Hopefully, wherever you’re at, you can tune in at 11:00 pm to listen to the show. We’ve got the goods that you need to hear! 91.3 FM here in Regina or online at

  1. Mouthbreather – Too Many Puppies
  2. Archspire – Bleed The Future
  3. Nekrogoblikon – Golden Future
  4. Ibeyi – Sister 2 Sister
  5. Arcade Fire – Unconditional One (Look Out Kid)
  6. Anomolie feat. Bad Snacks – Hummingbird
  7. Ginger Root – Loretta
  8. Xenia Rubinos – Worst Behavior

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