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Operation Manatee #358

Yay! OpMan.

Join us from 11:00 to midnight for what will almost surely be the best live radio in town at this hour! 😉

  1. Thank You Scientist – Creature Comfort
  2. Keleketla! – Future Toyi Toyi
  3. Pkeu Pkeu Pkeu – Drinking in the Park
  4. Iggy Pop – Gardenia
  5. Melodica Bros – Song #2 (but it’s in 3/4)
  6. Charlotte Cardin – Phoenix
  7. Simon & The Island – Sweep Me Off My Feet
  8. Single Mothers – Christian Girls
  9. Vukovi – Lasso
  10. Escape From The Zoo – Shit Show
  11. Visions of Atlantis – Legion of The Sea

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